Daily Skin Care Routine

We all love our skin. Don’t We?? But in order to keep our skin fresh and lively we need to take the help of some of the beauty products that are available in the market. In this blog post I am going to share my daily skin care routine and talk about the products that I use on a daily basis. Hope you guys find it helpful.

If I need to describe my skin type, I would say that I have a combination skin but its more on the dry side rather than oily. However, the weather has quite an impact on how my skin feels in a particular season. I have a sensitive skin so all the products that I will be sharing in this blog post, I have been trying for months and for me they worked really well.

First of all, I scrub my lips with my Lush’s Mint Julips, which is a castor sugar based scrub and helps to remove the dead skin off the lips.


To start my day I use my Origins’ Gin Zing Scrub. It is a daily scrub which has very fine particles and is not at all harsh at your skin, which I feel is very important if you are using a daily scrub. Once you use the scrub your skin feels so lively and fresh.


In order to moisturise my skin for the day, I first use my trusted Dior Hyra Life under eye cream. Our under the eyes skin is so sensitive that our normal moisturisers are not the apt for it.


After applying my eye cream, I moisturise my skin with my Origins’ Make a Difference+ Ultra Rich Rejuvenating cream. They cream is very light and it hydrates and works very well for dry skin.


After completing the daily chores throughout the day,  it is very important to follow a proper night skin care routine as well. Our skin suffers a lot throughout the day with all the pollution. Before washing my face before sleeping, I first use my Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing balm. This product is towards the expensive side but it is simply wonderful and a small amount of product goes a long way. The balm is oil based and you need to take a small amount of product and apply it on your skin, by lightly massaging it. The light massage helps to break down all the make-up as well as cleanses of all the dirt. Once I apply this product I rinse it with water.


In order to make sure that all the product is off my face, I use my Origins’ Zero Oil face wash. This product is made up of palmetto, mint and pore minimising Salicylic acid. The mint in the face wash provides a cooling affect which feels very soothing.


After washing my face, I am very particular about applying my night cream so that my skin is properly moisturised. I apply my Origins’ High Potency Night-A-Mins mineral enriched renewal cream. It provides the skin with Vitamin C,E and H and when you wake up, your skin feels radiant in the morning.


I hope you find this post useful. Please feel free to share your skin staples with our readers.

Thanks xxx


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