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The Invitation by Vi Keeland (Book Review)

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Dear Readers,

 I am a big fan of romantic stories. Being an author of the same genre, I spend a lot of my time reading these fictional romance novels. So I thought I’d share my insights and experiences with a book and hope you guys like it. The latest book that I had read in this genre belongs to the author Vi Keeland and it is titled “The Invitation”. 
In a short summary, it is a simple romantic story of a brooding, handsome and successful man named Hudson and a daring, beautiful, and intelligent woman, named Stella. They meet up by chance as Stella impersonates someone else and gatecrashes Hudson’s sister’s wedding only to get caught by the brother of the bride. Stella wishes to forget this encounter all together but destiny has other plans for her when she finds that Hudson is the venture capitalist who will bring her start-up afloat.
It is not an easy road for her as Hudson takes his sweet time to get warm-up towards Stell, post the wedding stunt she pulled. But as it goes in all the other romance novels after their brief struggle they do find their happily ever after. 

This book started off on a very interesting plot of falling for someone who gatecrashed your party. But I wished if only the author spent some more time in discussing Hudson’s relationship with his best friend, his ex-wife, and his daughter. The author did try to introduce an element of suspense with Stella’s intriguing hobby of collecting personal journals of unknown people and reading them. But the hints were too obvious and as a reader, I felt I knew the outcome of the story before it even began.  Also, Stella’s relationship with her family wasn’t explored as much as I had liked.

I feel sometimes these background characters play such an important role in shaping the main protagonists of a book, that it helps you get under the skin of the character and empathise with their situation. And if you are someone like me who likes to imagine the scene playing in front of your eyes as and when you read, then these details matter a lot.

But all in all, it’s a good book to read as a part of your leisure. There are certainly some interesting scenarios such as the start-up idea of Stella or her fascination with personal diaries which provides that little edge to the novel and makes it a fun read.

I hope this book review helps without giving away too many spoilers. Please let me know if you guys find time to read this book and what’s your take on it.

I am attaching the links for the purchase of the book. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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