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Long-Distance Relationships Are Difficult…..

It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s not that I have the fear of you losing you. But it is just that I am unable to accept the fact that you will be with everyone else, but me, next year. And you make it difficult for me because when I try to make myself understand by telling you that at least you will be surrounded by the people who will make you happy, you get sad.

You have to know that this past summer you have become a huge part of my life. But when you will board that flight and fly off to your university, things will change for you, but I will remain the same, where you have left me.

Who will bug me now during my office hours? Who will send me photographs of their lunch, dinner, and evening snacks along with silly selfies? Will you be awake when I will set an alarm to wake up early to squeeze in some early morning talks with you? It is hard. I know it’s God damn hard.

Sweetheart, you need to let go of me little by little. I will always remain close to your heart and never in my life will I leave you or stop loving you. These past few months have been amazing but we need to accept the sad reality that we will be miles apart. And if we think that this year, despite the long-distance, we can act as if we are close, we will be making it hard on ourselves. Because in reality, we will be very far away, in two separate countries. Please, not even in your worst nightmares think that I will leave you. I want the best for you even if it is not with me. I love you today and always.

– Parveen


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