Trip to Stonehenge

When I was doing my masters in the University of Bath, post the first semester exams, our uni organised a trip to Stonehenge, which is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Since it was a university organised trip, it was subsidised and the rates were quite nominal.

Stonehenge is a huge stone monument which is located in the Wiltshire region of England. It is quite mysterious as the monument is basically made up of few upright stones. However, the view is drop dead gorgeous as the stone monument stands amidst a massive grass field.




Once you arrive at Stonehenge and complete all the ticket formalities, you have an option to choose the audio tour or not. Since I went with my friends so we were not all bothered to listen to audio tape at all, as taking lots of pictures was our priority.


There is a gift shop, a big canteen and few restrooms at the main entrance of Stonehenge. The place has a massive car park in order to facilitate the large number of tourists who visit there on a daily basis. The Stonehenge rock monument is at a distance from the main entrance and hence transport is provided from the main entrance to the monument.

I would like to say that though the rock monuments appear to be quite simple, yet it is very iconic.



If you are planning a trip to England and have some time to experience something different, then do visit Stonehenge. But please bare in mind that if you are planning a trip around spring-summer time then it should be alright but incase you are planning to visit Stonehenge in winters, then you should keep yourself as warm as you can. Because I felt that due to open fields it gets quite cold there.

I know this blogpost is not that long but I just wanted to share with you my experience of visiting Stonehenge. Looking forward to hear similar experiences from your side.

Thanks xxx


One thought on “Trip to Stonehenge

  1. I think the best part about Stonehenge is that its beauty and mystery would continue to remain regardless of the progression in time.


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