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Daughters: Heir?? Spare?? Or Nobody Really Cares??

India is a country, which is very rich in its culture and heritage and worshipping Goddesses is an integral part within the Indian society. We have different festivals all throughout the year, which focus upon different Goddesses and their teachings and power.In the traditional Indian culture, the birth of a girl child in a family… Continue reading Daughters: Heir?? Spare?? Or Nobody Really Cares??


The Waffle House – St. Albans

One of my favourite places to have good quality waffles in the UK is The Waffle House, which is located in Kingsbury Watermill, St Michael’s St, St Albans AL3 4SJ, United Kingdom. It is a family run restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is running in an old mill which has been restored, keeping its… Continue reading The Waffle House – St. Albans