Trip to Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is synonymous with NYC and to witness it live is a dream come true moment. Through this blog post, I would like to share my experience of my trip to the iconic monument.


First of all, I would like to bring to your notice that the official website to book the Statue of Liberty cruises is There are a few other websites which look quite authentic but this is the official one. You can board the statue cruises either from NYC’s Battery Park or from New Jersey. I would advice you all that its better to arrive at the port a few minutes in advance because of their tight security process, which might take time.

The cruise is amazing, but make sure to grab yourself a perfect spot as soon as possible for taking pictures. And if you are making a visit to the Statue of Liberty during the winter season then just keep yourself warm with scarves, gloves and hats, as it can get quite cold. Once you reach the Statue of Liberty you can make your way in to the pedestal.



The Statue of Liberty has a mini museum which contains the details of its development and restoration work carried on it and it very interesting to read. When you enter the statue, you come across the original torch section of it which has been replaced by a new one as a part of their restoration process.


I was surprised to know that the Statue of Liberty was created using copper sheets and was of dull brown colour. However, over the time because of being surrounded by water the copper colour oxidised into the some what green colour that we see today.


In order to reach the pedestal one needs to climb quite a number of stairs. Also if you are planning a trip to the Statue and are also interested in climbing upto the crown, then you should book your ticket a couple of weeks in advance. The reason being that only a limited number of tourists are allowed to climb up the crown in every given slot and you cannot climb it without prior reservation as due to security reasons they require a valid identity proof.  The crown tickets are not that expensive and can vary between $20-$30 per person, depending on how much in advance one does their booking and also the chosen time slot. If you are thinking of climbing up the crown then make sure that you enough stamina, because from the pedestal to the crown, there are about 200-300 odd stairs which are very narrow and congested and it can be a task climbing them.

IMG_1271   IMG_1302

In my opinion, climbing up the pedestal is enough as it provides you with a 360 degree view. However, climbing up to the crown can be very tiring and it only gives you the front view. I feel that climbing up to the crown is more of a personal challenge in order to test one’s strength/stamina.The view from the pedestal is simply amazing as you can see the whole NYC skyline.

IMG_1285  IMG_1529


One of the most important advice that I would like to give you all that please do not forget your “SELFIE STICK”. You can take great photos with the help of it from the different angles possible. Once you have completed your tour to the Statue of Liberty you can visit the souvenir shop and buy lots of goodies from there. The Statue of Liberty island also contains a canteen offering a variety of different choices to choose from.

The trip to the historic Statue of Liberty was one of the major highlights of my NYC trip and it was surely worth of the money and time spent on it. I hope you like my post and feel free to share your experience with us.


Thanks xxxx


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