Miami: Beach Love

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Miami, is its amazing and world famous beaches. I feel we can rightly use beaches as one of the synonyms for Miami. On my visit to Miami I was most excited for the beach part of the trip.



Essentially, if you see the map of Miami, it has a single coastline, but its just the areas in which the coastline falls, which give them two different names i.e. the North and the South beach. The North beach area of Miami is more domesticated and it serves like a kind of private beach for all the hotels which are located on the beach side.



The South beach area of Miami is more posh and expensive because of the presence of famous restaurants, night clubs and having a shopping area in its close vicinity. The south beach area is also more sporty and adventurous as it contains separate space for beach sports such as volleyball and some water sports. The south beach is a lot populated compared to the North Beach. Because of its area, the south beach is more popular than the North beach.



The water is just amazing and it appears as if it contains different shades of turquoise blue and one can spend just hours and hours sitting on the beach and gazing at the horizon. The sand appears to be very white and its very soothing to walk barefoot on the beach. The view is very picturesque and its feels very peaceful to be at a happy place where everyone is relaxing and spending time with their loved ones.



However, the beach do get a bid dirty by all the stuff that is washed down from the sea i.e. the sea weeds, moss. But these are all the natural stuff which comes by the shore with the tides. But it is very disheartening to see people visiting the beach also pollute it by throwing random items such as plastic bottles, baby diapers and food waste etc, which ultimately end up floating in the sea.


I think we should all take a responsibility towards the environment in which we live and preserve nature’s beauty and keep this prettiness intact for our future generations.

The one thing I loved the most about Miami are the beaches and I would love to go back there and relive my beach moments to experience the same calmness and serenity that I witnessed on my first trip.

I know this is not a long blog post nor does it contain that much information but I just felt like sharing with you all my Miami Beach experience. I hope you like it.

Thanks xxxx


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