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The Waffle House – St. Albans

One of my favourite places to have good quality waffles in the UK is The Waffle House, which is located in Kingsbury Watermill, St Michael’s St, St Albans AL3 4SJ, United Kingdom. It is a family run restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is running in an old mill which has been restored, keeping its rustic nature and authenticity intact. 

The restaurant offers a huge variety of both sweet and savoury waffle dishes in its menu. It also offers a special daily menu which gets updated on a regular basis. The Waffle House is known for using fresh and organic ingredients for all its dishes.

I am not  a big fan of sweet waffle dishes so I always opt for the breakfast menu. Also its not every day that you get a chance to have traditional British breakfast. Each dish is served with a choice of white, wholemeal or spelt (low-glutten) waffle.

My all time favourite dish to order is mushrooms with scrambled eggs on white waffle (£8.20) along with breakfast beans (£1.95). It consist of sautéed sliced field mushroom and moist scrambled organic eggs with chives. The breakfast beans are made with organic haricot beans. The portion size is very very generous. It might not seem so when  you first look at the dish but trust me you can struggle to finish it off.


The best drink to have in order to complete the Waffle House experience is their milkshake, especially their chocolate one. It is very rich and prepared by their own homemade ice cream. I would advice you all that one should always opt for the large drink because the small one will not do the justice to its amazing taste. The large milkshake would cost around £4.35 and I am aware its a tad bit expensive but trust me it is worth every penny. You will not be able to get over its creamy and fresh taste.


If you are a fan of waffles and get a chance to visit the Waffle House in the UK , please do so. It will be a great experience for you all.

I hope you find this post interesting and let me know if you have any similar experience to this.

Thanks xxxx


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