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Coffee/ Mocha Shortbread

Dear Readers This week I’m going to share with you the recipe of coffee/mocha shortbread. I searched the internet a lot in order to fine some coffee based eggless baked recipe and I came across this recipe from Martha Stuart’s blog. I’ve changed a little bit based on the ingredients I had at my disposal… Continue reading Coffee/ Mocha Shortbread


Cook & Bake

Millionaire’s Caramel Shortbread (Eggless)

Dear Readers I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. Just got caught with the mundane life activities. However, this current lockdown situation has given me some time to explore and learn a new skill set. I have been adventurous enough to try out new recipes and experiment a… Continue reading Millionaire’s Caramel Shortbread (Eggless)

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Toscana 49 Restaurant – New York City

Dear Readers In this blog I shall continue with my NYC discoveries regarding places to eat. After a full day of being a tourist in NYC, I wanted eat comfort food without being too adventurous and I came across this wonderful Italian restaurant which was just around the corner from my hotel. The restaurant was… Continue reading Toscana 49 Restaurant – New York City