Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour London

In my recent trip to the UK, I made sure that this time I visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London which is addressed at Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden WD25 7LR, UK. 

It has been on my bucket list for such a long and finally I got to experience it. We booked our date and time slot a month in advance and then too it was the only day that was available to us as all the booking slots were full. So you can imagine how busy it would be. Hence the most important advice at this point of time is “PLAN in ADVANCE”.

Our slot was booked for 6:30pm but we reached there by 6:00pm as we needed to collect the tickets and its always better to have some spare time in hand.

The moment we entered the studio campus they had giant size wizard chess pieces which were actually used during the filming of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

We got our tickets and since we were three people together, each of our tickets was a scene from the Harry Potter movies and thus it’s definitely a keepsake.

If you are true potter fan and you don’t want to miss out on anything, then I would suggest that a keep a tiny notebook handy. You will get various opportunities throughout the tour to collect stamps which are engraved seal.

We entered the studios and there was a normal security check. In that area only they had put a big drop of Hogwarts School in order to take the pictures.

Since the new Fantastic Beasts movie is coming out in November this year so they were promoting it a lot.

Then we entered a long passage, the walls on the either side were painted with the famous quotes from the films and it makes a good backdrop for selfies.

Upon entering the main area, there were headshots of all the key characters of the movie, along with Triwizard cup, the flying car etc. So again a great spot for taking pictures.

The moment you start your tour, the first thing that you see is the set of “Cupboard Under the Stairs” and you can see the full set in detail.

Then we have an interactive session with the studio officials before the big entrance to the “Great Hall”. Since the time we went they were having a special  feature of  “Goblet of Fire”, therefore they had Dumboldore’s Age Line set in display.The Great Hall is magnificent where you can see the all the different houses costumes in display along with the stage containing all the Hogwarts professors mannequins.

From the Great Hall we are proceeded towards the main studio entrance which contains the famous bits and bobs from different parts of movies.



There are many special photo opportunities on the way. You can even get some professional photos clicked either in group or individually and later on you can buy those photos if you like.

The popular photo spots were near the automated broomstick, platform nine and three-fourth quarters and the Hogwarts express.

Approaching the end of the tour, we got an opportunity to taste the famous “Butter Beers” (non-alcoholic beverage) which is basically a combination of butterscotch ice cream together with soda.

Once we cross the dragon alley section, the tour concentrates more on the technical bits of film making as in the art direction. How they made the life size structure of Hogwarts etc. and it is very interesting to see all these things in such a detail and you really appreciate the amount hard work that have been gone behind the making of this epic saga.

At the end of the tour, you will get an opportunity to buy the Harry Potter merchandise and it’s a paradise for a Potter fan.

Being a Potter fan myself I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and make sure you give proper time to each and every detail as it is fascinating. To tour the whole place and keeping in mind that you will be taking numerous pictures along the way, it will take you about 3- 3.5 hours and it is all worth it.

Hope you found this blog post helpful and will be planning your tour to Warner Bros. Studios soon.

Thanks xxx

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