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Pizza Rollio

Experiencing a stay in the Plaza Hotel New York is every 90’s kid dream which is too good to be true. But the hotel also has a gem called the “Plaza Food Hall” which gives you a taste of luxury. 

Inside the food hall there are many little shops by individual vendors and one of the restaurant that caught my attention was “Pizza Rollio”, located in The Plaza, 1 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019, USA.

It is a small parlour inside the food hall with minimalistic architecture. The restaurant has been designed in a  way to give a very Italian feel to it.

The restaurant was even featured in Daily News.

Given the size of the restaurant, the menu is quite elaborate;  having good options for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. It also also salads, desserts and drinks.

During my visit there, I had opted for the ‘half’ Margherita pizza which was priced at $10.95. The pizza is freshly prepared in front of your eyes and you can either choose the option of take away or eat in.

The pizza was served with fresh salad comprising of rocket leaves and water cress. The speciality of this pizza, as the name suggests, is that the base is so thin  that it has to eaten by rolling it, otherwise all the topics would fall.


The taste of the pizza was really good and had the correct balance of cheese as well as the sauce. However, I would not lie but it is towards the pricier side but I guess that is due to the location but it is a good experience and would highly recommend it if anyone of you want to experience “The Plaza”.



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