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Jack’s Wife Freda – NYC’s Cult Breakfast Favourite

Dear Readers

Every blog or vlog related to NYC that I saw, mentioned one common place which was very famous among the influencers and I thought to myself that one day I shall pay a visit to the place to experience the cult myself.

The place is none other than “Jack’s Wife Freda” . The place is also very famous among the locals and I feel it’s a very hot spot for business meetings or a random catch up. The cafe has two branches. I went to the one located in 224 Lafayette St., New York. 

The cafe is very easy to get to even for a tourist. It’s a two minute walking distance from the Spring St. subway.

The cafe has a very vibrant feel to it but at the same time you kind of get this peaceful vibe from the place which contrasts the hustle and bustle of NYC. The day I visited the cafe, it was very busy hence I didn’t take that many pictures of it.

The staff is very friendly and greets each and every customer with a big smile.

The menu is very extensive and provides a wide variety of food options.

Since I heard a lot about this place serving excellent breakfast, hence I went for the same. I had ordered myself a mint lemonade priced $7 as the drink.

I went with the mediterranean breakfast which consisted of 2 eggs of any style, chopped salad, labne (similar to greek yogurt), avocado and pita bread. The breakfast was priced at $13.

The food was simply great and was worth all the hype. It has surely become one of my most favourite cafes. The portion size was just apt and was not at all humungous as served by many other US restaurants.

I would highly recommend this place and if you are in NYC please do make a visit to this cafe and you will not regret it.

Thanks xxx



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