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Momosan Ramen & Sake New York

Dear Readers

Recently I was in New York and once again I got an opportunity to explore this wonderful city and I truly found out some amazing gems to share with you all.

After eating the standard pizzas, pastas and sandwiches for so long, I wanted to try a different cuisine whilst I was in NYC and while surfing I came across this Japanese ramen place called Momosan Ramen & Sake. It is a venture by Iron Chef Morimoto, located in the heart of NYC at 342, Lexington Ave, New York, New York, 10016.


The restaurant is at a walking distance from  Grand Central Terminal. On entering the restaurant, the staff helps the guest in getting seated and the staff is extremely courteous and friendly.

The interiors of the restaurant have a very authentic Japanese feel to it.



At the bar, there is a chef that carves the meat for appetisers right infront of your eyes and it’s a delight to watch it.

The menu itself is very extensive

It has a wide variety of beef, pork and chicken ramen dishes. In addition to the regular drinks menu consisting of variety of cocktails, mocktails and other beverages, it also contains a huge selection of Japanese sake.

In terms of the drink, I had chosen a mocktail called the Mint Yuzu Spritzer ($7), which basically consisted of mint, yuzu juice and sprite. 

During my visit there, I had opted for “Tokyo Chicken”, which consisted of noodles, mushrooms, sea weed, boiled egg, chicken, bamboo shoots and garlic chives. The broth was very delicious, embedded with layers of flavours and the chicken was very tender and was paired well with all the vegetables used. The dish was served in two sizes- small and large and price varied accordingly. The small bowl was priced at $11 whereas the large bowl was priced at $13. I had opted for a small bowl and trust me it is not small at all as the portion size is quite generous. 

My experience at this restaurant was great and in future if I visit NYC again, I would definitely visit there again. I would highly recommend this place, if you are interested in having authentic ramen.

I hope you find this blog helpful and please feel free to share your thoughts with all of us.

Thanks xxx



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