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Milk Train

I bet we all have our crazy childhood memories revolving around ice creams and can floss. Imagine the delight if we can combine these two together 😊.

Last weekend I went to this coolest ice cream place with my friends and trust me it was one of the coolest experinces I have ever had. And it just rewinded all those sweet childhood memories.

The place is called Milk Train and it is located in 44, Bedford St, London WC2E.

It’s a small ice cream cafe where it produces its famous “Choo  Choo Cloud Series”, which is basically an ice cream cone sprinkled with your favourite toppings and surrounded by a white candy floss which resembles a cloud. The place have 3 flavours out of which vanilla and matcha are the permanent flavours and also they have a flavour of the day which changes daily.


Since the cafe is small and people mainly visit the place for the experience, they generally stand in the cafe and take loads and loads of pictures for their social media. I stood in the queue for a little over than an hour in order to get my ice cream but it was worth it.


You can order your ice cream either in the traditional cone or in a cup and the price of your ice cream would vary depending upon your flavour, number of toppings and whether or not you would want a cotton candy cloud. But to be honest with you all you can have your ice cream cones in nearly every part of the world but it’s the candy floss experience that makes all the difference. They also do some special sundaes.

The interiors of the cafe is very simple with a few chairs and tables to sit inside. Since the cafe is so tiny , it gets quite crowded easily and in my opinion it’s much better to take your ice cream and eat it outside. But it totally depends upon your choice.



The staff is very polite and you often see them multitasking their roles to cater to the large group of people and they do a stupendous job in that.



I had the flavour of the day and to my luck it was my favourite chocolate ice cream and I was delighted. I had strawberry sprinkles with it along with th candy floss cloud and I think my choo choo ice cream costed about £5.45. But it’s all about the experience.

If you are in London and you are craving for something cold in a hot summer day. I would definitely recommend this place to just experience and revive your childhood memories.


Thanks xxx


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