T2 : The Tea Lovers’ Paradise

I was strolling on the streets of London along with my university friends and suddenly one of them suggested to visit this tea place. Though I’m not a massive tea lover but I must say it was one of the most enriching experiences that I’ve ever had. We came to a place called T2 which is located in 292 Regent St, Marylebone, London W1B3AP. You can check out the place in detail on


The moment I walked into the my jaws just dropped after seeing the amounts of teas the place has enstored for us. A shop representative was at the entrance greeting the customers with a chilled Rose iced tea in disposable shot kind of glass.

The interiors of the shop gave me feeling as you have entered a big library. But in this case it of a library of different teas.


The entrance had a tea display section where different kinds of teas were put in a small dish, giving an opportunity to the people to smell them.


The shop also sold artistic tea sets, tea gift boxes, stirrers, diffusers and all the other tea related accessories which are important for a tea lover.

The shop also had a “taster section” where a lot of teas both hot and cold were kept for the people to try out. This section also had an executive you was a tea expert and would brew fresh teas in order for the customers to taste before they actually buy them. And there was no limit to how many teas a customer can ask to be freshly brewed. Also the representatives would give tips and suggestions to the potential customers and share their knowledge of the “Tea” world.



The staff was very friendly and polite. They wanted people to stay in shop and enjoy the experience and they would make the customers feel very comfortable by giving personal attention to each and every customer in the shop.

We spent like more than an hour in the shop, trying out different teas but it never felt like an hour. The time just flew away. I myself bought two teas and I’m pretty happy with my purchase. The staff at the till encouraged me to become a member of their tea society and also provided me with their loyalty card.


I am very happy that my friends introduced me to this place. The place is wonderful and is like a gem in the hearts of London’s Regent Street. I would highly recommend this place to all the tea and non-tea lovers out there. It’s the experience that will make you fall in love with this place.


Thanks xxx


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