Christmas in New York

One of my greatest wish was to visit New York City during the holiday season as I wanted to relive the Home Alone 2 memories. In this blog post I would like to share with you all the Christmasy things that I witnessed during my visit.

After having spend so many christmases in the UK, I could not help but to compare the holiday vibes in both these places. I felt that in the UK, particularly in London, there is a lot of decoration done on the streets; whereas in NYC I felt that only key areas were majorly decorated and there wasn’t much of the street lighting used as a part of the decoration. To my surprise there wasnt any Christmas decoration in Times Square. However, one thing I noticed in NYC was that there were a lot of neighbourhoods who hosted big Christmas trees. The shopping malls in NYC are heavily decorated from the inside with Christmas decorations and trees.

1. Conrad New York 

Like last time, this time also we stayed in the Conrad New York. The hotel didn’t do much interns of its physical decorations. It has a Christmas tree. However, the hotel used its lighting to reflect the holiday season which I personally  felt was very unique and interesting. 



2.Brookfield Place 

Brookfield place was our major hangout destination for meals as it was just across our hotel and hence was very convenient for us to be there. The shopping mall was decorated with contemporary decorations. The main foyer was decorated with lantern lights which changed colours, which was a delight for the eyes to watch. 







3. Empire State Building 

We didn’t go inside the Empire State Building this time. But we just saw it from outside. The building was lit up in core Christmas colours.


4. Macy’s, Bloomingdales & Saks Fifth Avenue

As I mentioned before, the shopping malls were heavily decorated from inside. Macy’s outside window was converted into Santa’s workshop. While the other shopping malls used mistletoes and other Christmas decorations inside.






5. Radio City Hall

Opposite the Radio City Hall, there was this huge Christmas decoration consisted of huge red coloured Christmas balls. It was a great spot for the selfies.


6. Rockefeller Centre

I was the most excited to see the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree and one could notice the area from a distance due to great lighting. The place was jam packed with people trying to get a selfie with the Rockefeller Monument and the famous Christmas tree. The vibes of the place was very festive and it was full of tourists.








 It was a delight to visit NYC during the Christmas season.It was a big tick in my bucket list. I hope you like this blogpost. It was just an attempt to share my Christmas experience with you all.

Thanks xxx


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