Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park London

Over the past few years, a lot of my friends raved about the Winter Wonderland in London. So for Christmas 2016 I had made it point to visit it and experience the magical place myself and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed even a little bit. 


Located in the heart of city in Hyde Park, the place just shouts Christmas and is full of festivities and liveliness. We went during the evening time so that we can enjoy the lights as well. It sure does gets busy that time but in my opinion that is the best time to visit the place. You can see the lights from far off and you see a big flock of people heading towards that direct.



The queue to enter is quite large but you make your way into the Winter Wonderland quite quickly. And once you enter, you feel like you have entered into a fairy land and it all seems so magical, and you see a wide variety of things.





There is no entry fee required to visit the Winter Wonderland. However you would have to pay for rides, games, food stalls or any other shopping that you do. The Winter Wonderland hosts a variety of shows and has an ice-skating ring. Due to the holiday season, it is advisable to book for the shows in advance.

There are a large number of food stalls serving hot chocolate, mulled wine, turkish delicacies, speciality chocolates, hot dogs, fish ‘n’ chips, burgers etc. The smell of all these foods is very  tempting.



Shopping in the Winter Wonderland is great as you find many traditional Christmas themed things which can prove a great gift for friends and family during the holiday season.





Games and rides are a big attraction of the Winter Wonderland and they cost between £2-£12 per person, depending on the type of game or ride.



I would definitely recommend this place if you are in London during the Christmas time. It should be one of the top items in your bucket list. The place is very vibrant and it gets you into the Christmas mood. It is great place to visit with your friends and family.


I hope you like this blog post.

Thanks xxx


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