Trip to Washington D.C.

On my recent trip to USA, we planned a day to trip to Washington D.C. from NYC. We had reserved our train coaches way back in October 2016 and we got a pretty good deal from the Amtrak train services. The return trip amounted for $198 for two adults. It was an experience in itself to undertake a train journey in the US. We boarded the train from New York Penn Station and the journey was a little over 3 hours. I was a little apprehensive in taking a train to Washington DC, but to my surprise the train service was extremely comfortable and the trains were very neat and clean.

The good thing about Washington D.C. is that all the touristy places are located within in 11-13 miles radius. Hence, its possible to cover them in a day trip. Since the time was short we didn’t  enter into any museums  otherwise we would not have been able to finish complete the tour.

We arrived at the Union Station Washington DC and started our journey from there. The Union Station is massive and inspired by Roman architecture. It has quite a lot of places to eat within the station and there are a little selection of shops to pass your time.



img_2676  img_0886  img_2784


From the Union Station, the first stop was the Capital Hill. The view of the building is just breathtaking because of its grandeur and the pristine white colour.




The Washington Monument was our second stop. On our way we crossed Court of Justice, the Smithsonian Museum, the Smithsonian Institution etc. but as I mentioned before we focused only on the main features due to lack of time. The walk till the monument is quite long but it is a picturesque one. There are many refreshment stalls for the tourists. Once you reach monument you can have a clear view of the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. A marble sitting area has been made on the monument area where tourists can rest and take their pictures.



After that we headed towards the White House with the hope to get a glimpse of Mr. President. The famous White House photography area was too crowded, with people waiting to get the correct spot for their picture. However, getting the customary White House photograph was a big tick in my bucket list.




From there we had a stop over at the World War II Memorial. It is built in a very amazing manner where we have the two oceans surrounding USA at two corners and the name of all the states within the USA engraved in a circular type of shape. The memorial has a nice fountain on both its sides and it is a hotspot for the selfie lovers. 




Finally we walked towards the Lincoln Memorial, which again is a bit of a long walk. There is long pond which around which the walking pavement has been made. When you reach the memorial you get a great view of the World War Memorial and the Washington Monument.



The sculpture of Abraham Lincoln is very grand and also President Lincoln speech has been engraved on the walls of Lincoln Memorial which is worth reading.



It was a great experience to visit all these historical places and I would highly recommend that even if you are in the USA for a few days and if its possible for you to plan a day trip to Washington D.C. please do it. I hope you like this blogpost and also find it helpful.

Thanks xxx


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