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Ollie’s Sichuan – NYC

After having burgers, fries and pizzas on a daily basis in NYC, I was craving something more authentic and different. Hence, we came across this Chinese restaurant called Ollie’s Sichuan and it is located in 411 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036,USA. 


It is one of those places which appears to be really tiny from outside but it totally surprises you once you enter the restaurant. On entering the restaurant it gives you a feeling that you are having a meal in some restaurant in China. It’s interiors are inspired by traditional Chinese culture. The staff is extremely friendly and the services are very prompt. 



Once the guests occupy their respective tables, they are welcomed by a pot of traditional Jasmine tea which they refill for you from time to time.


The menu is pretty extensive and they have good selection of meat, seafood and veggie dishes. When you look at the menu you would get a feeling that it’s a tad bit expensive but considering that the restaurant is located in the heart of Times Square, the pricing is adequate. Also, the restaurant has designed it’s dishes with the purpose of sharing food with each other, a key feature of Chinese culture. The portion size is very very generous.



For the starters, we had ordered Velvet chicken corn Soup ($7.95) and it came in big bowl out of which nearly 4-5 servings could be taken. The soup was very delicious and had good balance of seasoning.


For the mains we had ordered, pan fried chicken noodles with veggies ($12.75) and General Tso’s Chicken ($12.75).



The portion size was quite large and it was more than enough for two people. I have tried noodles in many restaurants all around the world but I should say that this has been once the most delicious noodle dish that I have ever tasted as it was full of flavours, there was a good balance of chicken and veggies. A sauce was poured on to the fried noodles which just added a new dimension to the dish. At the end, we were given a fortune cookie along with the cheque.

I must say that if you are a fan of Chinese cuisine then you should definitely visit this place. I hope you liked the blog post and please feel free to share your comments.

Thanks xxx


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