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El Bistro: Secret Find in Dalt Villa Ibiza

Recently, I was in Ibiza for a mini holiday and hence got some time to explore Ibiza’s Old Town. The town itself was very beautiful and in the following weeks I will do a detailed blog post of the Old Town Area.

Having a morning busy with sight seeing, we were really famished by the noon time. Hence we stopped over at one of the restaurants in the Dalt Villa area for lunch. The restaurant was called El Bistro and was addressed as Sa Carrosa 15, Ibiza, Spain. 


Though the restaurant was small but it gave you a feel of an authentic Bistro and the area was quite welcoming.



The menu was quite extravagant as it had options for meat, fish and vegetarian food lovers. Considering it being a touristy area, the pricing was alright I guess but obviously it must have got affected by the “tourist quotient”.


As it was quite a hot day, we had ordered for three bottles of still water which were about 3€ each.


Like any other Spanish restaurant, the Bistro offered us with complimentary bread basket which we had with a local vinegar.


As I mentioned before it was very warm that day hence I was not in a mood of any meaty item. Hence I opted for Tagliatelle with Tomatoes and Buffalo Mozerrella cheese, which was priced at 12€.


The dish was extremely delicious and was very filling.

Bistro’s staff was very polite and extremely cooperative and the service was commendable.

The place was quite a find for me and if given a chance in the future I would definitely visit this restaurant again and experience the Spanish magic. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who is visiting that area. The environment was the place was very welcoming and you would feel at home despite being a tourist.


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