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Roshan Di Kulfi (Karol Bagh) – New Delhi

Recently, I had visited New Delhi for some personal work and as usual we made our customary trip to the Roshan Di Kulfi restaurant which is located in 2816, Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi, 110005. 


The restaurant is about 65 years old but has still maintained its taste and authenticity of a true North Indian restaurant. The restaurant has a very extravagant menu which consist of  local street food items, authentic punjabi dishes and pizzas etc.





As you can yourself see the amount of choices this restaurant offers and also the price of each and every dish is very reasonable considering the quality of food and also the portion size.

We started with a a big glass of “Lassi” which is basically a yogurt drink which can be both sweet and salty.


The lassi was followed by a plate of “Pani Puri”. It consisted of the a potato based filling along with two types of water i.e. mint flavoured water which was a a bit spicy and dates flavoured water which was sweet. 


After that we ordered “Dahi Bade” which were stuffed and had lots of sweet chutney on it along with yogurt.


The Dahi Bade was followed by “Aloo Tikki” which is made up of stuffed potatoes patties which are shallow fried and served with sweet chutney and coriander-mint chutney. 


For the mains, we went for their famous “Chole Bhature” which consist of white chana preparation and the bread which is served along with it is stuffed with paneer (cottage cheese) filling. 


To end our meal we ordered the traditional “Kulfi” as our dessert which is a kind of an ice cream. We ordered two types of Kulfi – one plain kulfi which just had the ice cream and the other kulfi came with ice cream as well as some sweet noodles which are called Falooda. 


We had a hearty meal at Roshan Di Kulfi and the place is extremely popular among the locals. I, myself, have been visiting this place for the past 20 years and this place has never disappointed me. The taste of each and every dish has been very consistent, the staff is very friendly and the restaurant serves high quality food. 

If you are ever in Delhi and have some time to explore a new eatery. Please do visit this place and I am sure that you won’t regret it. I hope you like this blog post. Please feel free to share your opinions with all of us.

Thanks xxxx


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