Umami Burger NYC

I was in NYC during Christmas in 2016 and I came across some nice eateries which I would like to share with you all. Since this trip of mine was a very short and busy one, hence, most of the eating places that I came across kind of reflect the fast food and quick eating scenario.

I bet most of us out there are fan of burgers and a delicious burger can make our day. I came across  two burger place during my this NYC trip. One of the places which I would like to share with you all is called UMAMI BURGER . It’s an American burger chain, having 2-3 of its joints located in the New York City. I visited the Brookfield Place branch.


The menu consist of a range of beef and non-beef burgers along with some healthy greens and fries and a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink.

I went for the Crispy Diablo burger which consisted of  fried chicken, along with diablo sauce and garlic aioli, coupled with chilli pickle. Since I was quite hungry that day we also ordered a side of thin fries, truffle fries and Japanese style chicken wings.





All the orders were served along with 4 types of house sauces- Umami House Ketchup, Cilantro Mayo, Jalepeno Ranch Sauce and a spicy red chilli sauce.


The burger was very delicious and though being spicy it contained the right balance in its taste. It’s a proper American style burger and it’s worth a try when you are in NYC. Its a total value for money in my opinion. And when the next time you are in America and come across this franchise please do try it.



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