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Olive Garden – Times Square NYC

The first day when we reached NYC, we were quite tired and hence we decided to keep our tourist mode on the lowest as possible. We decided to discover Times Square on our first night in the city. After roaming in the area we felt quite hungry and hence decided to visit the Olive Garden, located in 2 Times Square, New York, NY 10036, United States. 

Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant is quite busy and hence I would recommend that if you are going in as a big group then please reserve your table in advance. But we went as a walk-in and we got the table within 15 minutes of our waiting time and I think the reason that they could accommodate us so early was the fact that we were only two people and hence it became easier for them.

The restaurant is quite big and is very spacious. The staff in the restaurant was extremely friendly and helpful and really gave their personal attention to each and every customer.

Like almost every other restaurant in the USA, at Oliver Garden we were also given a complimentary bread basket along with a sun dried tomato dip and also a fresh salad. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it for my blog post and just started eating it straightaway.

For the drinks, I went for the Kiwi-Melon Limonata which costed $4.50 but the quantity is huge and you do struggle to finish it up after eating all the complimentary breads, salads and the main course. The drink was very  refreshing and the balance between the kiwi and melon was just amazing.


For the mains, I went for the Chicken Parmigiana and I thought it would be a light meal but to my surprise it came with 2 chicken breasts covered with lots of cheese and a massive side of spaghetti with marinara sauce. The dish was about $21.79 and it was definitely worth the price. The serving was generous and given my appetite I think two people could have eaten from that.


I really liked my Olive Garden experience and if you guys are in New York please do visit this restaurant as the ambience is great and vibe of the place is simply amazing.



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