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Favourite Frozen Yogurt Place in Hong Kong

Recently I was on a work trip to Shanghai – Hong Kong, which explains the absence of my blog posts over the past few weeks and I would like to share with you all some of my travelling experiences.

Being an year long exchange student in the City University of Hong Kong makes the place quite special for me and whenever I am in HK I make it a point to visit all my favourite places there. The frozen yogurt place that I am going to talk about in this blog post definitely tops my Hong Kong favourites list.

As I studied in City University of Hong Kong, “Festival Walk”  which is a big mall adjoining the university was the most convenient place for me to hang out. And besides the amazing shopping, having Yo Mama‘s frozen yogurt was included in my daily routine. Yo Mama is a frozen yogurt parlour which has quite a few parlours located all over Hong Kong.


Frozen Yogurt used to be the best snack to beat the heat of Hong Kong and it was a healthier option too compared to some ice cream parlour. Along with the original frozen yogurt flavour, Yo Mama also served Green Tea flavour and a third flavour which would change from time to time. This time when I went, the third flavour was called Cucumber Mojito but I stuck to my original flavour.


Yo Mama’s frozen yogurt is very affordable and all the ingredients that they use are of high quality. The regular serving of yogurt costs HK$ 31, while the large serving costs $38. Each order includes one topping and any additional topping from there on will cost HK$6.

IMG_2362 (1)

There are a wide range of toppings to choose from and the choices include Oeros, digestives, sprinkles, M&Ms, gummy bears, fresh fruits, preserved fruits, chocolate shavings etc.



I always go for the fresh fruit toppings as it provides more freshness to the frozen yogurt. This time I went for the large serving of the original flavoured yogurt and added 3 toppings on it which included strawberries, mango and lychee and the flavour was simply amazing.

IMG_2366 (1)

I hope you like this blog post and if you get chance to visit Hong Kong please try and visit the Yo Mama parlour and experience it yourself.

Thanks xxx


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