What’s In My Travel Handbag ?

First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence over the past few days as I got caught up with some personal stuff.

I know it’s that time of the year where people are planning their travel adventures and I thought it will be great to share with you all the staples that I carry in my travel handbag.I tend to get quite anxious when I travel and hence I like to carry a slightly bigger handbag to keep all my things so that I can feel comfortable during my journey.

My most favourite handbag for travel purpose is the Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Large Tote Bag. It’s very spacious and you don’t have to worry about getting the leather ruined in adverse weathers.


Once I have chosen my handbag, I keep my wallet in which contains all my national and international cards as well as some cash. For my wallet I have chosen the Michael Kors design which is very spacious to keep all the cards, currency and also it has a special compartment to keep a pen which is very handy when you travel.


In order to keep my passports and other travel documents, I have invested in a Hermes passport case, which again has proved a very smart purchase as it helps to keep all my traveling docs organised.



The next most important thing is my mobile phone, which also works as my camera when I am travelling. I like to travel light and the phone can replace the unnecessary weight of a big professional camera.


When you travel, you can never be sure of your of whether you will get a charging socket in airport or in airplane, hence I like to carry a portable battery with me so that I can charge my iPhone and iPad with it.



One can never rely too much on the inflight entertainment and also the long hours of wait at the airport, hence I never forget to keep my iPad and iPod along with earphones in my handbag.



Flight journeys can be very tiring and hence you need to have the right stuff to keep yourself cosy both at the airport and in the airplane. Therefore, I like to carry with me my travel pillow and light shawl to keep myself warm incase I feel cold.


My travel handbag also contains my daily wear spectacles as well as my sunglasses, as a holiday is never complete without the correct pair of sunglasses.



As you are going to live off a small handbag over the next few hours, I try to keep all the bare necessities including cosmetics and personal hygiene stuff in my handbag without a fail. It includes my hair brushes,  extra hair tie-up band, mints, inhaler, tissues, liners, tissues, wet wipes and band-aids. I also like to keep with me a small bottle of hand sanitiser, tooth-paste, hand cream and travel perfume. Since it can get very dry during the flight I keep my trusted 50Ml Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream and my Chanel lip balm. Along with all these toiletries I also like to some paracetamol tablets with me incase I don’t feel too well.





I try my best to make myself as comfortable as possible during a journey and I am sure some of you might feel that I may get too overboard when I pack my handbag but trust me it has helped me a lot to keep myself calm during travelling.I am pretty sure that you all must be having  certain special items which makes your travel comfortable. I hope you all like this post and please do share your travel bag experiences in the comments down below.

Thanks xxx



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