Superhero Rescue Mission in Times Square NYC

 On my first trip to the Big Apple, experiencing the buzzing and busy streets of Times Square was a must. It just feels like that you are a part of a Bollywood movie. The lights, shopping, street vendors, artists, huge billboards etc. all shout New York City.



I know a lot has been written about Times Square and the experience of the people who have visited the place. Hence, I am not going to bore you all by repeating the same stuff all over again. We all know that its a wonderful and very lively place and its high time we accept the fact that it is one of the most happening places in the world.




In this blog post I would like to share with you all one small but very interesting incident of my Times Square visit. After having done all of our touristy stuff in Times Square, I along with my brother, was heading back to our hotel. Suddenly while walking we realised that there was a traffic jam and an ambulance had stuck in that traffic. The whole crowd just stopped in their own respective places to see how the whole situation will turn up. It was a bit worrying to see an ambulance stuck in the traffic but as hard as the other vehicles tried, it was getting very difficult for them to manoeuvre the traffic in such a busy road.

But as it happens in the Hollywood movies that when in trouble a superhero appears from nowhere for the rescue. The same thing happened that day as well and this time the superhero was none other than “SPIDERMAN”. Suddenly we saw a guy dressed in Spiderman costume coming from nowhere and just perfectly controlling the traffic and guiding them correctly in order for the ambulance to pass through.




I must say it was just wonderful to witness something like this. In a situation where the traffic police couldn’t do anything, our very own superhero came for the rescue. It was a sheer joy to the eyes to see the guy dressed in the Spiderman costume performing his civic duties so diligently along with entertaining the audience with his spiderman stunts.

It has been rightly said that Times Square NYC is a place that never stops to amaze you.

I hope you like this small incident and if you have experience something like this please feel free to share.

Thanks xxxx


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