High Heels – Fashion or Investment ?

Who doesn’t love a pair of good heels?

Heels are one of the best inventions of the fashion industry. You are not happy with your height- Solution: heels. You want to jazz up your look with minimal effort- Solution: heels.

 The most important thing when buying heels is to check its comfort level. Some high street fashion brands also have their own range of heels but their comfort level is questionable as they tend to give you foot aches or blisters. For me, rather than being a fashion staple, heels are sort of an investment. I have always bought those heels which I know would last me a good few years and hence I don’t mind paying a little bit more for it.

Hence, rather than having a matching coloured heels with every dress, I believe in having either contrasts or just those colours which would go with all my outfits.

There are so many different kinds of heels from which one can choose from and it totally depends on a person’s foot shape or personal preference. I am not a very big fan of either sandals or semi-opened heels, as I feel they do not suit the shape of my feet.

In this post I would share with you all the 5 staple heels in my wardrobe.

1. Geox Suede Heels 

This was my first pair of proper heels. I bought it in a sale nearly 3 years ago and this has been a very comfortable pair of heels. I’ve worn it for a few of the occasions at a stretch for 5-6 hours and I never faced any problem with it. The heels are quite stable and has a good support.

IMG_2011   IMG_2015

2. Hugo Boss: Ayla-X 

This pair of heel is very close to my heart as I had specially bought it for my undergrad convocation. It’s essentially a black coloured pencil heel and I will be honest with you that it does require a bit of practice to walk around them. But once you get the hang of it, it is amazing.

IMG_2016  IMG_2019

IMG_2020  IMG_2023

3. Michael Kors: Flex Mid Pump Denim 

This is one of the latest addition to my wardrobe. Lately I had been looking for a pair of heels which would be more casual looking and would complement my jeans. And I am lucky I have found this pair which is essentially made up of denim material and are very stable.

IMG_2024  IMG_2028

IMG_2026  IMG_2030

4. Carvela Kurt Geiger: Anastasia Nude 

This is one the most peppy pair of heels of my collection. It just jazzes up the look and provides an edge to the outfit you are wearing. The heel is quite high and has a reptile type of pattern.

IMG_2040    IMG_2042


5. L.K. Bennett: Sersha Block Heel Court

This is probably one of the most expensive pair of heels that I own. But I was lucky enough that I was in London during the Christmas sales and I got a very good deal of discount when I purchased it. Its a black suede chunky heel. This is one of the most comfiest pair of heels ever and it compliments both jeans and dresses.


IMG_2032  IMG_2033  IMG_2038

I hope you like the top 5 pair of heels in my wardrobe collection. I have intentionally not spoken about the price in this post as I do not want anyone to think that I want to “show off” my collection. I have bought these heels over the years and I am very cautious when I purchase things. Incase you want to know about the price, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as its possible for me.

Thanks xxx


6 thoughts on “High Heels – Fashion or Investment ?

  1. I find the worst offenders are the mid-range shoes. Budget brands are made with the inexperienced wearers in mind and also consider that wearers may walk a fair bit in them. Luxe shoes use better materials to make more difficult designs more wearable.

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  2. I love heels that you chose and will keep my eyes open for the denim ones for my jeans, I am a big fan of AGL, an Italian brand that I buy at Nordstrom.


    1. Thanks for telling about AGL .. I will surely have a look at it. The denim ones are simply superb and I mainly bought it as it looks so perfect with jeans.


      1. I also like Paul Green especially the boots. I don’t have any high heels from Paul Green…only boots and sandals! I assume that they make high heels.

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