The Best Day of My Life

I bet everyone in their life do experience that one precious moment which makes that particular date or day very special in their lives. I also have experienced that special day and though the incident is over a decade older but I thought my blog would be incomplete without sharing with you all this precious moment.


On 7th August 2001, after being stuck in Mumbai (India) for a whole day, I, along with my family, were heading back to our hometown Udaipur (India). We had boarded our flight and were waiting for the plane to take off. Suddenly, one of India’s renowned film producer Mr. Boney Kapoor boarded the plane. Before he sat down on his seat he waived out to all the passengers on the plane. I was very excited to see a celebrity and I had made up my mind that I would take an autograph of Mr. Boney Kapoor.

I was eagerly waiting for the plane to stabilise so that I go and take my autograph. In the meanwhile, I heard one of the air hostesses saying that another Bollywood actress – Ms. Karisma Kapoor is also on the flight. Since I had not seen her I wasn’t too sure about it. As usual , we didn’t have any autograph book on us so my dad gave me a blank envelope for the purpose.

After the plane stabilised I went upto the front seat to get my autographs. When I reached the front seat I could not believe my eyes and my mouth just opened in shock. My family was a bit puzzled on seeing my reaction as they could not understand what had happened with me. I was bound to be in shock because my favourite actor – Mr. Shahrukh Khan was sitting in the front row as well.  So the front row of that flight was occupied by the bollywood celebrities – Mr. Boney Kapoor, Mr. Shahrukh Khan and Ms. Karisma Kapoor. I took all the three autographs on the piece of envelope and came to my seat. Suddenly, my dad remembered that we had purchased a DVD of Dil To Pagal Hai on our sudden trip to Mumbai and two of the movie stars from that film were present in the flight i.e. Mr. Shahrukh Khan and Ms. Karisma Kapoor.

Getting the DVD box signed meant that I would be meeting Shahrukh Khan again :). As snacks were already been served in the flight I wasn’t sure if the celebrities had finished theirs or not. So I went to one of the air hostesses and asked her if they had finished eating. The air hostess also wanted their autographs so she gave me a little diary to get an autograph for her as well.

I went to the front row again and first I handed in the air hostess’s little diary for their autographs. Since I was the only one in the flight who was going for the autographs, Mr. Shahrukh Khan actually recognised me and said to me;

Shahrukh Khan: Tum Kuch Zyaada Hi Autographs Nahi Le Rahe Aaj… (Don’t you think you are taking too many autographs today).

I was numb and didn’t know what to reply to him so I just smiled at him. Once all three of them had signed the air hostess’s little diary, I gave my Dil to Pagal Hai DVD to Shahrukh Khan. Since the concept of DVDs were fairly new in India in 2001, Shahrukh Khan seemed to be very pleased seeing it and he opened the DVD and checked the case and everything. He then forwarded the DVD to Ms. Karisma Kapoor for her autograph and then gave it back to me with a big smile.


I cannot ever forget that moment in my life and for me the DVD is my most precious possession. I know a lot of you would not find anything special in this moment but the real Shahrukh Khan fans out there would relate with me.


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