Travel Vanity Bag

Hello my wonderful readers !! It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I was facing a little difficulty to find some inspiring topic to write. I was going through my old blogs and it occurred to me that I haven’t shared with you all an updated version of “What’s in my Travel Vanity Bag?”

And since a lot of you must be planning your weekend getaways or summer vacations, I thought it would be better to share this with you as it took me quite a lot of time to finally get my ‘dream travel vanity’. Hope you enjoy.

The first and foremost thing that I did was to invest in a proper travel vanity kit. I was fed up of transferring my cosmetics into a transparent zip lock bag every time I had to go through  security check at an airport. So I searched a lot and finally I got my apt travel vanity case.

I bought the Ted Baker’s Adamine Clear Large Wash Bag in silver colour £27 and it was totally worth the money. Now I don’t need to transfer my stuff at the airport and I can comfortably go through the security check without any hassle. 

Currently, this item is out of stock but do keep your eyes on it as it’s a great product to have with you while you are travelling.

The second item that I always keep inside my travel bag is a hand sanitiser.

I also always keep a travel set of lotions consisting of a body lotion, hand cream and face moisturiser.


In addition to all these lotions I also keep a travel size of my most trusted Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream just incase I suffer from intensive dry skin during long haul flights.


A variety of perfumes also take up space in my bag. I keep one roll on perfume by Ralph Lauren and a more formal perfume by Jo Malone.


During long haul flights, I often feel allergic due to enclosed environment and I get irritation in my nose. Hence I always keep some eucalyptus oil and also a nasal spray.

Long haul flights cause dullness to your skin and it is needed to refresh the face from time to time. Hence I bough this Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer and trust me it works and your skin feel as if its breathing again.


One thing that we often ignore during travelling is our lip care. It is necessary to keep the lips hydrated all the time to avoid chipped lips. I carry a variety of lip products with me depending on my mood. One thing that I have recently bought is a Dior Lip sugar. It is a bit tinted lip balm along with lip scrubber and it is absolutely amazing. And the other two items that I keep is my trusted Chanel Lip balm and also Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip conditioner.

We often tend to ignore our dental health whilst we are travelling. Hence I always keep a dental floss along with some mouth freshener spray. I recently invested in Listerine strips.


I know it’s a lot of stuff that I chose to carry with myself  but I want to feel as comfortable as I can when I am travelling and hence this extravagant list of things but these are my travel staples.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and hopefully that some of these products get added into your travel vanity list.

Thanks xxx


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