Trip to One World Observatory

In my recent trip to NYC over the Christmas holidays, I made a trip to the One World ObservatoryThis was the only thing among all the touristy stuff that I had left from my last trip. 


This time we didn’t do any advance booking, since it was the day of theChristmas Eve and it was less busy. The ticket prices were about $37 for an adult and they had a bit of concession on children and senior citizens tickets.



Once we bought our tickets, we proceeded towards the observatory deck. A security check has to be cleared before you enter the elevators for the observatory.

img_0198     img_8876     img_3378

The building is designed in a very modern way and is a very high tech one. The elevators are extremely fast and since we are covering such a great height on the elevators with such a great speed, it can definitely get a bit uncomfortable for the ears. But riding that elevator is an experience in itself as the three walls of the elevators are basically an electronic map of NYC, which shows that how the city has developed over the past years with all the constructions and everything.

One we reach the top deck, the passengers are made to watch a short film in a theatre type environment. After the completion of the film, the top view of NYC is revealed to the audience. It is very thrilling to watch all this.

On entering the top deck, there is small briefing section where information regarding their additional services are provided.

img_0217    img_8146    img_1695

 After that we are free to experience the view of the place. In addition to the amazing view, One World Observatory also offers a museum, a gift shop and a restaurant.






Having visited both the Empire State Building and the One World Observatory myself, I am bound to compare the two experiences. I personally feel that the Empire State Building is much more iconic and has a better view of the whole of New York. Since One World Observatory is located on an edge of Manhattan, the view is mostly of the Jersey City. Whereas the Empire State Building, being centrally located, provides a much more wholesome view of NYC.

Hence, I would suggest that if you are on a first time visit to the NYC and are contemplating between Empire State Building and One World Observatory, then definitely go for the Empire State Building as its heritage value is much more and the view is much better.

One World Observatory provides a good experience too but it might be better to do it if you have been to NYC a multiple times and just want to do a casual touristy thing.

I hope you like this blog and find it useful. If you want to know more about my Empire state Building trip, then kindly refer to my old blog.

Thanks xxx


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