Do you wish for “Rosey Lips” ?

Who in this world does not wish for “Rosey Lips” ? Imagine the site of a matte lipstick on flaky lips. I bet all the women out there would hate it and no matter whatever brand of lipstick you use it would not solve the problem.  Sometimes due to our busy schedules, we tend to ignore these things and on top of that the weather doesn’t help us either. We are bound to have unhealthy lips both in summers and winters, if we do not take care of them on a day to day basis.

In this post I would take you through my lip care routine and I have been using these products for quite a few months now and it has worked perfectly well for me.

In the morning, before I wash my face I use Lush’s Mint Julips scrub on my lips. It is essentially made up castor sugar and organic jojoba oil and has a peppermint flavour. The scrub helps to get rid of any dead skin on the lips and enhances the smoothness of the lips. I chose the peppermint flavour because in the morning you need a of a zing that will wake you up right away. The best part is that the scrub tastes amazing :P.

IMG_1976 IMG_1980


After I shower and moisturise my skin, I keep my lips hydrated throughout the day with my Chanel Rouge Coco Baum.  From its packaging it looks essentially like a lipstick but instead its a hydrating lip balm. It provides a healthy shine to the lips.




At night, once I have cleansed my skin and used all my night skincare product, I literally cover my lips with my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream  before I sleep. Trust me when I say this that this cream works wonders. When you apply this product, it gives you that sticky feeling but it just leaves the lips absolutely gorgeous in the morning.

IMG_1987   IMG_1988

I hope you all find this post helpful and please do how you all take care of your lips in the comments down below :*.


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