Pleasures of Indian Summer: Raw Mangoes

Summer is around the corner nearly all around the globe. Despite the scorching heat, Indians eagerly wait for the arrival of the summer and its because of their love for mangoes. Mangoes, known as the “King of Fruits” has a special place in every indian’s heart and all over the world people are aware of the speciality of Indian Mangoes.

This post is a bit different and I will talk about my love for raw mangoes. I am sure not everyone is a fan of  tangy and sour raw mangoes. But for me thats an ultimate charm related to the summer season. In my house we have our own mango tree and the joy of picking up farm fresh raw mangoes is just out of the moon.


I usually peel and then wash up the raw mangoes and cut them into slices and have them with salt. I know adding salt to an already sour thing is a bit crazy but trust me its just the best thing one could really ask for.



I am sure how many of you would actually like this post but I thought I would give you all a glimpse of Indian Summers. I hope you find this post interesting 🙂 .


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