The Debatable Wedding Guest List

I think when planning a wedding this particular topic is revisited multiple times with constant additions and subtractions of the guest names and also it can be really challenging getting all the confirmations and RSVPs from the guests.

The one question that needs to be answered very earlier on in the wedding planning process is that whether one wants to have an extremely  grand affair, inviting each and every acquaintance or one wants to keep it exclusive for close friends and family. This very answer is the key for preparing your wedding guest list.

In the process of my brother’s wedding guest list, we decided to keep it limited to our close family and friends so that we can give personal attention to each and every guest present. Also, I feel that its better to surround yourself with people who actually mean something to you rather than just counting numbers.

One thing which I strongly believe in is that one should invite only those people who bring a smile to your face and refrain from inviting those who spread negativity around you or whom you strongly dislike. However this cannot be followed 100% and you have to invite certain guests due to societal pressure or family members’ pressure; because if you don’t then you will find unhappy guests passing on unpleasant comments during the course of wedding festivities and this is  very common in Indian weddings.

For my brother’s wedding , we refrained from inviting certain distant cousins as both me and my brother were not really a fan of them and didn’t want them to be part of our happy day. My personal list of not inviting some guests was a big one but my hands were tied because of my family :P. It might sound mean to you all but I feel one needs to keep their foot down and take strict decisions sometimes.

The most important thing that one needs to remember is that during the course of your wedding festivities you cannot please each and everyone. There will be few odd ones here and there who will make mountain out of a mole hill. But the best thing to deal with them is to ignore them and just enjoy yourself and take this as an integral part of the wedding :P.

This wedding period is of utmost importance for the bride and groom and their family members. But as the hosts it is your duty to take care of each and every guest who have taken out time from their busy schedule and have decided to be a part of your happiness.

I hope you like this blog post and if you have similar experiences please do share.

Thanks xxx


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