Go Old School: Pen & Paper Way

As I had mentioned in my previous blog post that I will be sharing an amateur guide for wedding planning based on my personal experience.

The first tip that I would like to share with you all is that PEN & PAPER will become your best friends. Despite all the advancements in the tech field, I feel that they cannot replace the pen and paper. However, there will be people who would disagree with this, but as I said I am only sharing the things which worked out the best for me.

The first thing that I did when I started the process of my brother’s wedding planning, I made an online order on Amazon and ordered myself a pretty looking handmade paper journal.

The details of this journal is as follows: Worldoftextile Gifts Yellow Leather Diary Journal Notebook Handcrafted with a Metal Lock & Unlined Eco-friendly Pages priced at Rs. 499 on Amazon India.  

I particularly chose this journal because its closing mechanism allowed me store any extra documents and keep it safe. 

This journal became my best friend over the course of wedding planning period and I jotted down the minutest detail in it from hotel venue contracts to decoration details to designer details to food menus to what not . I found that it was really helpful, as it allowed not only me but also my family members to refer to this journal from time to time and all the information was kept safe at one place.

The other thing that over the course of time a physical journal like this becomes a memorabilia as it has a lot of wedding memories attached to it and becomes an object for safekeeping.

I know in this hour of time where everything has gone digital, using the “Pen & Paper” formula is very old fashioned, but I feel that one should propagate those things with which one is comfortable in.

I hope that you find this blogpost interesting & helpful and stay tuned for more blogs on wedding planning.

Thanks xxxx



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