Hello Friends !!!

Its been a really long time since all my blogging action but I have a very genuine reason for it. Its not that I lost my interest in blogging but I was busy with one of the most important events in my life. It was my brother’s wedding last month and basically I was busy with the planning and preparations of the wedding functions that I literally had no time even for myself.

We all know that India weddings can go up for weeks all together and that was the case with my brother’s wedding as well.. It went on for 2 weeks.. I know it sounds a bit extravagant but we had the functions planned in a way that it was spread out and plus in that span of 2 weeks, one week was dedicated to Diwali.

The wedding was a learning curve.. Since I was personally involved in all the planning , I gained a lot of experience and therefore I would like to share with you all the beautiful journey. We did not hire any wedding planner but obviously we had help from professionals on the main wedding day itself just for the smooth runnings of all the functions.

Hence, I will be starting a blog series to share my experience with wedding planning with you all. So stay tuned guys as you will be getting the first hand planning experience from an amateur.

Thanks xxx


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