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Childhood: Once Existant Fairytale

Childhood is one of the most important period of a person’s life. It plays a great role shaping up the overall personality of a child. Each and everyone who is a part of one’s childhood, be it the parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles-aunties and cousins, leave behind long lasting impressions, which act as a guide for a person throughout their life.

Childhood is like a real life fairytale where one is free from all worldly tensions or impurities. Every decision is taken with the purest of heart.  If you ask a typical child who is born and raised in India to describe one of the most memorable moments of his or her childhood; the summer vacations which usually involved getting together with the extended family would top the list.

But once you grow older I believe you start drifting apart from your cousins and extended family, as the life doesn’t remain as simpler as it was before.  Life becomes very complex when you grow old. One gets exposed to the worldly impurities of greed, selfishnesss, jealousy, ego etc. and the behaviour of people towards you change drastically.

Family is one of the most important institutions from which a person learns a lot throughout his or her life. Along with family, education, career, spouses or partners play an extremely important part in shaping up one’s behaviour. But just talking based out of my personal belief that it just the core family (Husband, wife and their children) which really stick to you in the thick and thin of lives. The extended relations might or might not be there with you to share your life experiences.There is a possibility that the cousins who would cross out the calendar to mark your next visit during your childhood, would not even want you to be a part of their lives’ important events such as wedding in the future.

Time is the only constant in this world and the irony is that the time is always changing. With time, relationships also change.And though these changes might not be easy to digest but it’s better that one would accept these changes as quickly as possible, to save oneself from getting hurt. To protect oneself from the pain,  I feel that all relationships should be on the same page for everyone. Just relying on the time spent in one’s childhood is not enough. Updating your relationship statuses with the current situations is utmost important.

India is known as a “collectivist” country as a lot of importance is given to relationships, families , extended families etc. But I feel that like the western societies we too are showing the traits of individualistic culture, where the relationships are loosing their true meaning and are becoming more and more superficial. But I just hope and pray that at least the core relationships are maintained and we don’t lose out on people who actually care and love us.

I am sorry that majority of you might not relate to this blogpost but over the past few days I experienced certain things which inspired me to write this blogpost to vent out my feelings.

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