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The Forgotten Friendships

I am aware that the title of this blog post is a bit depressing but this is a hard reality of life.

It’s that time of the year when the students have already or in the process of graduating from their respective schools, colleges and universities. Once we leave our alma mater, there are lots of promises that we make to ourselves; for instance, we will visit our alma mater at least once a year or we will stay in touch with all our friends or we will plan an yearly reunion. But to be very honest with you all most of these promises go in vain because we are all so preoccupied with our daily mundane lives that to take out a little bit of “Me” time also seems like a big task. But that is a topic to be discussed some other day, today I would like to talk about the forgotten friendships.

It is said that friendship is the only relation which we make based on our choice. But to make friends is not enough, keeping the friendship alive is a big thing. I am seeing all these pictures on social networking sites where people are spending their last few days in the university with their bunch of friends and the one question that pops in my mind is that in one year’s time will this group still remain the same. But I know that its not an impossible task as I have seen some of my school friends still in touch with their core group of friends and still they hang out in the same way as they did like 7-8 years ago and this to me is very commendable.

But most of the time it happens that we seriously lose touch with people with whom we used to spend so much time during the lectures or meals or weekend breaks. Despite having all the technology to connect people throughout the globe, it is very sad to see that some people just do not put the effort in to stay connected. I mean some of them do not have the courtesy to say thank you when you wish them on their birthdays even when they have read your message. And sometimes after repeatedly trying hard, when you don’t see the effort from others’ side, you just give up because you are aware that there is no point in trying.

However, there are also situations when the efforts are their from both the sides but it just get difficult to organise a meeting with them or talk to them on a regular basis. But in such scenarios I feel that even when the friends send a personal message to each other for their birthdays or for season greetings, it shows a lot of care and thought.

I will share my experience with you all. When I was studying in the UK it became kind of difficult to stay connected with all my school friends as our vacation timings would clash or whilst being in university I would be so busy with my uni life that I just didn’t have the time. But one thing I made sure that atleast I wish all my close school friends during their birthdays and festivals. God only knows if I succeeded or not but I tried the best that I could do in my position.

But now that I am back in India both me and my friends have somehow become more busy, as some of them are getting married, some of them are starting up their own business or some of them have relocated to different cities for work purpose. But we all use “Whatsapp” or “Facebook” to our rescue. Though we don’t meet up that often despite living in the same city or same country, atleast we are virtually connected.

Social media has become an important tool to stay connected. I am in touch with most of friends who are scattered in different parts of the world through whatsapp, snapchat, twitter or Facebook only.Whenever, I visit the UK, I am aware that I have a handful of friends who take out time from their busy schedule just to meet me and I really appreciate this gesture of them.

I believe that taking the right efforts is all that matters as no one is aware of what the future has stored for us but atleast we have the satisfaction that we tried our best. Just giving up your friendship because of distance, time difference or not trying is not a wise thing to do. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have all the necessary tools that can keep us connected, all we have to do is to try and put in the right efforts to keep the friendships alive.

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