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Daughters: Heir?? Spare?? Or Nobody Really Cares??

India is a country, which is very rich in its culture and heritage and worshipping Goddesses is an integral part within the Indian society. We have different festivals all throughout the year, which focus upon different Goddesses and their teachings and power.In the traditional Indian culture, the birth of a girl child in a family was regarded as the homecoming of Goddesses Laxmi, who is the deity of wealth and prosperity.

But lately due to the increased cases of rapes, female foeticides, domestic abuses etc. have made me question these believes of the Indian culture and to what extent people actually practice what is written in the scriptures and holy books.If all these things were really true then I don’t think any injustice to the females would have existed in a country, which worships so many different Goddesses.

People say that education plays a very important role and it can be used to curb all the crimes out of a society. But what happens when these educated people are the criminal themselves? No matter how much people of India propagate that for them both girl and boy are equal, but deep within their heart they don’t actually mean it. The narrow mindedness still exists in the society.

Over the past decade, the legal courts in India and the governments have passed or amended many laws that empower the position of women in the family. But the sad part is that not all women members of the society are aware of them and even if they are aware of these laws, there is no guarantee that their family would abide by them.

The other day I was looking at some documents in my office and a thing really caught my attention. It was the name of the different companies. Most of the companies were named clearly displaying the ownership of the company with the male children of the family i.e. “XYZ & Sons”. Why I have never seen a company named as “XYZ & Daughters” or “XYZ & Children”.

The amendment of the Hindu Succession Act in 2005, clearly granted equal rights to a daughter over the property of their parents but its unfortunate to see that parents themselves are stuck in their orthodox thoughts. Why still in the Indian society a male child is more desirable than a female child? The desire for which, a mother herself agrees to kill the baby in her womb if it is not a boy? Where has the humanity vanished? And why even the educated people are stuck with this old thought process.

Sometimes I really feel that the position of the female member in the society is very weak. From day-1 she is taught that her parents’ home is not her real home and her actual home is her husband’s home. So in most cases she is never given a property right in her parents’ home and the son of the family inherits all of his parents’ property. But the irony of the situation is when a girl gets married and goes to her husband’s home, she is again regarded as someone who has come from a different family. So in reality this “OUTSIDER” tag never leaves a girl.

I sometimes wonder that why a girl has to make such a big sacrifice to leave everything behind and disconnect from all the memories of her childhood and youth and for whom? Why parents differentiate among their children? Why they cannot give the same benefits to their daughter as they provide their son? Why is it always believed that the son is the heir of the family and daughters are never given that privilege? Why a daughter is termed as “greedy” if she demands an equal right in her parents’ property? Why these double standards exist in the society?

Just providing a good education and paying for a lavish marriage of their daughter is not a sign of treating sons and daughters equal. The equality comes when the daughter is provided with the same security as the parents provide their sons. The equality comes when the parents leave their narrow mindedness behind and share everything equally with their children without discriminating among them. The equality comes when the family members support their daughters whole heartedly throughout their thick and thins.

I know the things I have mentioned in this post might not be digested that easily and there is strong possibility that people might not like my views at all and form opinions about me. But I am a strong believer and supporter of equal women rights. I firmly believe that every girl in the family should raise their voices against these injustices. Injustice does not always mean being physically abused or harassed. These types of double standards and gender discriminations are even bigger enemies of females in the society.

There is no need for the daughters to be victimized to keep everyone else in the family happy. If a female doesn’t stand up for their rights or against the injustices towards them, then no one will stand up to support them and this is the bitter truth. Change can only be brought about if females themselves take an initiative and stand up against any injustice towards them. Sometimes being vocal is very important so that the future generations do not have to face these double standards that exist within the Indian Society.

No religion, no God and no Holy Book preaches gender discrimination or injustice towards women. It takes a lot of strength and courage to stand up against the injustice done by your loved ones but there is nothing wrong in fighting for one’s own right. I strongly request the readers of this blog post to share this message and be a part of bringing about some change in the Indian society.



One thought on “Daughters: Heir?? Spare?? Or Nobody Really Cares??

  1. I absolutely agree with the points you make and this topic is one that needs to be consistently addressed in India….as people seem to forget. The irony is shocking as you mention that people in India worship Godessess such as Lakshmi yet a women isn’t safe around the very men who worship that female deity. Sharing your personal experience gives a great insight on narrow the Indian mentality still is and hopefully in time it will change for the better. Great post. Hope more people speak up on this topic.


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